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Notes on Handling of Inquiries/ Comments
It is our principle to respond to each inquiry in the order it was received, during our business hours (10:00 - 16:30 Japan Standard Time except weekends and public holidays).
Please be advised that it may take some time to return emails depending on the nature of your inquiry and we may not be able to respond to certain types of inquiries as well.
We will respond to your inquiry on an individual basis. When you receive our response, please refrain from forwarding it to other parties or from making secondary use of it, in whole or in part.
The personal information that you provide us in the form below will be used to record and respond to your inquiry. If you provide us with someone's sensitive personal information, please obtain the prior consent of the such person.
The information provided may be shared within VanaH Co.,Ltd. (“VanaH”)Please be advised that any of VanaH may directly respond to your inquiry if we deem appropriate.
Nevertheless, if we deem it appropriate for VanaH outside Japan to respond to your inquiry, we may ask you to contact such VanaH.
For further information on our policy in collecting, managing and using your personal information, please refer to the privacy policy of VanaH Co.,Ltd.