Understand VanaH

About the product

  1. What is vanadium?

    Vanadium is a mineral that is contained in natural alkaline rocks such as basalt. It is resistant to heat and does not change even if cooked.

  2. Please tell me the characteristics of the product.

    The product is natural spring water containing natural hydrogen, silicon, and vanadium, that is collected from the underground layer of Mt. Fuji. In addition, we adopt Non-heated sterile filtration manufacturing method for bottling and deliver our products without spoiling their natural taste.

  3. From where is VanaH collected?

    VanaH is collected from groundwater flowing in the underground layer of Mt. Fuji. Mt. Fuji is made up of multiple basalt layers created by repeated eruptions. Rain and snow that fall on the majestic Fuji slowly penetrate through those basalt layers over many years, forming groundwater deep below the surface. Moreover, by going through many layers of exclusive filter (basalt), the water is filtered naturally and turns into a safe and high-quality groundwater.

  4. What is the difference between VanaH natural water and tap water?

    In general, tap water is sterilized and disinfected at a water purification plant using lime chloride. Ammonia and organic substances react with this compound and give off-odor. Such method to process water is very important from the safety point of view. Safety standards for tap water are determined by the Waterworks Law and tap water that can be distributed to homes must clear 51 check items on water quality standards, such as the presence or absence of bacteria. On the other hand, VanaH natural water contains mineral components and is classified as natural mineral water that is pumped up from the flowing groundwater in the deep underground layer of Mt. Fuji. The safety standard for our product is based on the Food Sanitation Law. Only water products that clear all strict hygiene standards can be delivered to customers.

  5. Anxiety about sanitation because the product is not sterilized by heat.

    Non-heated sterilization is known to maintain the mineral components and taste of natural water. VanaH is taken from Mt. Fuji’s high-quality flowing groundwater from a deep place that reaches hundreds of meters underground, which does not need heat treatment. The hard basalt layers of Mt. Fuji protect the water from radioactivity and soil contamination, and they can ensure a safe and clean water quality. Our products have been treated by filtration through many layers of special filters to remove microscopic bacteria and cleared the strict requirements of the Food Sanitation Law.

  6. What is the difference between heat sterilization and non-heat sterilization?

    Based on the standards regulated in the Food Sanitation Law, heat sterilization is done by heating at 85 degrees for 30 minutes or more, and it is a method of sterilizing by adding heat quantity equal to or more than that. On the other hand, unheated sterilization uses filtration over several layers of filters to remove the bacteria, instead of sterilizing natural water by overheating. It is important that non-heat sterilization is done in clean production conditions. The way of actual processing varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

  7. Is radiological examination done?

    We inspect our products regularly. At our company we regularly send samples of our product, "Hydrogen Silica Natural Water VanaH", and the "Source Water" to a specialized independent agency to give our customers peace of mind in drinking a safe "Hydrogen Silica Natural Water VanaH".
    *Radioactivity has not been detected at all from 2011 onward.

  8. Can babies, pregnant mothers, or the elderly drink this product?

    VanaH contains mineral ingredients due to its high-quality vanadium, and is safe for babies, pregnant women, and the elderly. There is no problem at all even if someone consumes two liters of this product daily.

    *Overdose of vanadium will cause diarrhea, but if it ingests 22 mg of vanadium only from mineral water a day, one must drink a tremendous amount.

  9. Is it safe to put the product within the bottle in the freezer?

    By freezing, the content may expand and cause damage to the container and bottle cap, impairing the sealing property. In addition, the ingredients may separate or precipitate by freezing. Please do not freeze the product.

  10. It is described that the product contains 3.0 ppb of dissolved hydrogen. What kind of unit is it?

    PPB is a unit of concentration, meaning one part billion.

  11. After purchase, how long can the product be stored?

    VanaH is bottled without any contact with air under sterile conditions, and it can be stored for 2 years unopened in a dark and cool place without direct sunlight.

  12. Is it safe to drink a product that has passed its expiration date?

    Even if the expiration date has passed, it does not mean that the product must not be consumed immediately.
    Expiration date means "the deadline that customers can enjoy the product deliciously if the container is stored under the conditions indicated on the label and the bottle cap remains sealed”. Each product always has an expiration date. Please drink the product before the expiration date to enjoy it deliciously.

  13. Where is the bottling production plant?

    Our bottling (filling) plant is at the VanaH First Production Plant located in Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park (Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture).

How to Purchase

  1. Is it possible to buy 1 bottle only?

    We are sorry to inform you that we only sell 12 bottles of 1.9L each or 24 bottles of 500 ml each due to our customers to truly feel the merits of hydrogen silica natural water VanaH.
    If there is stock in VanaH Shop, it may be possible to purchase one bottle. But please confirm with each shop in advance. Kindly note that the shop may refuse your request when there is no stock available.

  2. How long will the product arrive after placing an order?

    We arrange for delivery time within 2-7 days (excluding weekends and holidays) from the order date. However, please understand delivery may be slightly delayed depending on weather and road conditions.

  3. Can I buy the product anytime I go to a VanaH Shop?

    The product can be purchased directly if there are stocks at the VanaH Shop.
    When out of stock, we will deliver it to your home within 2-7 days after ordering with VanaH Shop.

  4. I looked for it at a nearby supermarket, but I could not find any. Where can I buy it?

    You can purchase at VanaH Shops nationwide.
    You can search for nearby VanaH Shops here.

About Payment

  1. How to pay?

    For fax orders to VanaH Shop or online orders, the payment will made by cash on delivery when the product is delivered. Please note that the payment method may change according to the order method.

About Delivery

  1. Can I specify the delivery date and time?

    We are sorry to inform you that it is not possible to specify the delivery date. However, it is possible to specify the time of delivery, please do so when ordering.

About Product Returns

  1. I could not receive the product and it was delivered back to the sender. Can you send it again?

    We apologize, but please order again.
    In addition, if the product is not received due to customer's long absence from home or other personal reasons, both shipping and transfer fees shall be paid by the customer.

  2. Can I return the product?

    It is possible to return the delivered product. If you return the product due to damage, accident, packing mistake, or incorrect item, we will exchange it for new items within 8 days after delivery (we are responsible for the shipping and handling fees)
    Returned goods due to customer's personal reasons will be accepted within 8 days after delivery only for unopened goods. In that case, the customer will be charged for both round-trip shipping and transfer fees. (the company will charge ¥ 1,700 per case later.)