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    The real values of VanaH

    Taste of nature
    Happiness from nature

    VanaH is a hydrogen silica natural water,
    nurtured by the natural conditions of Mt. Fuji.
    Rain that falls on the famous peak and water from the melting snow penetrates through 1,000 meters of ground layers.
    Not only dissolving abundant minerals derived from basalt rocks,
    the water is also purified through natural filters over a long period of time.
    The flowing groundwater is pulled from deep underground as the source of VanaH,
    which is bottled under strict hygiene standards.
    Making quality as our top priority, we are proud of our unheated sterile filtration technology.
    Please enjoy the natural ingredients, purity, and clean taste,
    which you can only find in hydrogen silicon natural water, VanaH.


    Comments from Customers

    We post the opinions that we receive
    from our valued customers


    Start using VanaH

    VanaH can be purchased through our online shop
    or our “VanaH Shop” agents located all over Japan.
    We will deliver VanaH directly from our first production plant at the foot of Mt. Fuji
    to customers all over Japan.

    See, touch, feel

    You can observe the safety of our products
    directly with your own eyes.
    From the molding of PET bottles
    Bottling is done in a clean room that satisfies NASA’s standards,
    and up to product packaging.
    Please browse at the whole process of the production line perfectly controlled by the latest equipment.


    History of VanaH

    Please find here detailed information on VanaH Co., Ltd.,
    including company profile, CSR activities, and awards received.

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