The real values of VanaH


Natural mineral water,
nurtured in time by the nature Mt. Fuji.

Manufacturing Process

With a motto of “Safe and Reassuring”, we constantly control the quality of our products.

Water from Mount Fuji

VanaH is prepared from groundwater wells owned by our company in Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture, at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

Non-heated Sterile Filtration

We remove most bacteria and contaminants by passing the water through multiple layers of filters, to deliver safe and reassuring products.
In addition, bacteria below 0.2 microns have never been discovered on earth.

Bottling into a molded PET bottle

VanaH is manufactured in a near-aseptic condition at one of the best clean rooms in Japan.
VanaH production plant is maintained in a near-aseptic condition, exceeding the conditions of food production plants. Our factory satisfies as class 100-1,000 clean room (a NASA standard representing air purity).

Rinser for Sterilization and Rinsing
We wash our bottles by using sterilizing chemicals and rinse them using the same water that we use in the product.
Equipment to Sterilize Bottle Openings Using UV Light
Sterilization is performed by irradiating the bottle's neck of screw part from the outside with strong ultraviolet/UV light.
As a result, together with rinser-based sterilization, we can achieve complete sterilization on both the inside and the outside of the bottle.
Filling Machine and Capper
We fill the bottles and attach the caps in a completely clean room.
In VanaH, the filled water does not come in contact with air and we perform bubble-free filling.
Therefore, we can provide high-quality products with excellent safety.

Labeling process

Small tack stickers (simple eco-label) are attached to bottles by sliding them sideways onto the bottled product.
They are carefully attached one by one to finish the VanaH product.


The finished goods is checked for water content, cap and label (simple eco-label) misalignment by an ultra high performance appearance checker.
Finally, products that have cleared the high level inspection of the appearance checker will be checked more strictly by the eyes of the inspectors.
Because we are particular about taste and contents, we will not compromise the appearance of the product.

Packing into Cardboard Boxes

Products which have completed the final check are packed in cardboard boxes.
It is packed two boxes of 1.9-liter- product which contains 12 bottles at once, passing a weight checker (weighting machine) twice, and then shrink wrapped with two tea chests as one set.

Delivery to Our Customers

The finished goods is kept in a warehouse where the temperature and humidity are controlled to a certain level until the inspection of the component is completed.
In addition, we are delivering only the products that have been cleared to the strict inspection to the customer.
In this manner, our product VanaH is produced without touching the human hand directly which is our basic concept of security and safety.

"We wish everyone to drink the secured water, VanaH, with a peace of mind"
It is contained our best will in the water VanaH.