The real values of VanaH


Natural mineral water,
nurtured in time by the nature Mt. Fuji.


VanaH natural mineral water is classified as “soft water”.

Mineral water is classified into "soft water" and "hard water", based on the amount of calcium and magnesium per liter water.

Mineral Content Low High
Taste Light, easy to drink Heavy, noticeable taste
Compatibility with Cooking Good for preparing soup stock. Suitable to cook plump rice. Compatible with vegetables and suitable to prepare Japanese food. Easy to take out scum when boiling meat. Suitable to cook hard-textured rice. Compatible with meat, suitable to prepare Western-style meals.
Compatibility with tea and Coffee Deep aroma and sourness stand out Deepens bitterness and body
Suitable for Babies and the elderly, people with weak liver Those who is not supplied with sufficient quantities of mineral

VanaH Features

Table of ingredients
(per 100ml)
Company A Company B
Hardness 37 38 30
Calcium 0.84㎎ 0.64㎎ 1.1㎎
Sodium 0.44㎎ 1.13㎎ 0.43㎎
Magnesium 0.40㎎ 0.54㎎ 0.01㎎
Kalium 0.10㎎ 0.18㎎ 0.07㎎
Vanadium 6.5μg 0μg 0μg
Silicon 1.6㎎ 0㎎ 0㎎

VanaH has an excellent oxidation-reduction potential.

Oxidation is a process that turns iron to rust.
In addition, reduction means that the rusted substance regains its original radiance.

The oxidation-reduction potential is an index that indicate whether a solution can be oxidized or reduced against other substances.
VanaH is has an excellent oxidation-reduction potential of 50 mv, which means that is in a state that is difficult to oxidize.