Comments from Customers

  1. Niigata prefecture, female, T.T., 70s

    I think I drink one to one and half liter of VanaH every day. VanaH is the water of life that grants happiness in A’s life.

  2. Gifu prefecture, male, K.H. 70s

    I now only drink VanaH.

  3. Iwate prefecture, male, Y.C., 60s

    I am really grateful for this water.

  4. Female, N.S., 10s

    I drink it and sprinkle it on my skin all the time.

  5. Female, F.O

    I put it on my face to replace cosmetic water. Now I do not need to use foundation anymore.

  6. Ishikawa prefecture, female, T.I

    I will keep on drinking VanaH and stay healthy.

  7. Aichi prefecture, female, T.S., 70s

    I am really grateful that I get to know VanaH.

  8. Fukuoka prefecture, male, Y.K., 70s

    My life was changed when I met VanaH.

  9. Fukushima prefecture, female, M.M

    I feel the benefits of VanaH.
    It tastes good and is easy to drink.
    When I do not have any appetite, I can only drink VanaH.
    Now, even my children like it.
    I will always drink VanaH.
    With VanaH I will stay healthy.
    I will drink VanaH every day, and enjoy my days being healthy.

  10. Akita prefecture, male, T

    My wife and I, as well as her parents, cannot be separated from VanaH.
    We want to make milk from VanaH and give it to them.

  11. Kanagawa prefecture, female, Y.T.

    I always enjoy the delicious taste.
    I drink two liters and my dog drinks one liter daily.

  12. Gifu prefecture, female, T.I, 50s

    Now I feel anxious when I run out of VanaH. I am drinking it diligently.

  • *Customers’ It is not guarantee of effecting the water to our body.
    are based on personal experiences and may be different for each person.