History of VanaH


VanaH aims to provide safe and reassuring water
and to be a company trusted by the people.

Quality Control, Food Safety, Environment Policy (Water Business)

Basic Principle

In the manufacture and sale of hydrogen silica natural water, Mt. Fuji Natural Water, LLC (water business) strives in developing a production system that considers the impacts to the global environmental and aims to be a company trusted by our valued customers by providing safe products and services, as well as responding promptly in a good faith to the requests and needs of our customers.

Basic Policies

  • We strive to prioritize quality assurance that focuses on our customers, and aim for the continuous improvement of high-quality, safe and reassuring services.
  • Being aware of the limited nature of earth resources, we aim to reduce the environmental burden from our business activities by being involved in the efforts to slow down global warming and to use available resources effectively in efficient manufacturing, distribution, sales and waste disposal processes.

Guidelines of Action

  1. Improve customer satisfaction by providing safe and high-quality products and services.
  2. Protect global environment, prevent pollution, conserve resources, save energy, prevent global warming, and reduce waste.
  3. Establish, operate, and continuously improve a management system to ensure customer satisfaction, safe products, and preservation of the environment.
  4. Observe laws, ordinances, and other requirements, in running our business activities.
  5. Securely obtain and communicate food safety information inside and outside our company and strive to strengthen food safety management in each process of our business activities.

June 1, 2021

Mt. Fuji Natural Water, LLC

Representative Hisao Ishiyama